Wedding flower decoration

Wedding flower decoration
Wedding flower decoration

“We want the reception background to be unique. It should be all natural flowers but it should be something that people do not get to see in common. We do not mind paying a premium price”.

This was a unique challenge for Pranaya and we gladly took it up. We also wanted to challenge ourselves in ensuring that the client does not pay extra although they were willing to.


Wereached out to our sources much beyond the traditional ones. We identified 10 different flowers that would suit the needs. We shared the patterns with the client and it went through iterations.

Finallythey narrowed on this pattern. How much does more does it cost. We told them its almost the same. They could not believe it.

More importantly on the function day, they were spellbound on seeing the real hall. Their first remark was ” This seems to be much more beautiful than what you showed in the photo”. Also, we learnt that many of the guests came and complimented our hosts on the decoration and were curious.

We could sense the happiness in the hearts of our hosts. This is exactly what we strive for. Happiness and client delight. We strive hard to meet and exceed our client expectations. We were glad we could do it one more time

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