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Indian hospitality always believes in “Athithi Devo Bhava – Guest are god”, hence we take the complete care on our hospitality during wedding. One of the major item in the hospitality is food. Most of the family used to have a wedding caterer of their choice based on their past experience / engagement or through their family friends / relatives.But to make the wedding most memorable, do you know the caterers are the Best Wedding Caterers in the type of food you are opting for? How to find and compare the caterer of our choice among the list of best wedding caterers ?

Below are some guidelines may be of help to you.

1. What is the preferred choice of your food? There are various aspects like traditional, location based, religious sampradaya, trying something new and tasteful food choices. You need to discuss with your family and decide how you want to go about .
2. Once the preferred choice is finalized, it is now the time to discuss with the wedding planner about the same and arrive at the possible list of wedding caterers who can serve the same.
3. Find out if you can taste the food to gain the first hand experience
4. observe the eco system like serving habits, cleanliness, taste , value for money etc. and have your internal ranking for those points
5. check how much of food wastage usually happens and understand how that handled? We cannot waste food at any cost…
6. consolidate these points and then arrive at the caterer of your choice

Pranaya weddings has done the above evaluation already and have these parameters captured for your ready view. We also have a tool to evaluate the best wedding caterers of your choice for the above said points which will give you the unbaised view.

Now regarding the wedding caterers cost, you can simply have the below thumb rule to get the ball park cost that may be charged by a best wedding caterers..

  1. Take the total number of head count across the events
  2. identify the dishes that you feel are higher cost based on the number of ingredients like panner/dry fruits/fruit
  3. list down all the items including side dish like raitha/ chutney/ chips etc.
  4. For veg foods you can apply about Rs 50/- per item.
  5. for items in #2 you can apply Rs 80/- per item
  6. Now sum up the total value for per serving.
  7. Multiply the same with the total headcount.
  8. This will be the approximate budget for your menu of choice

Call Sriram Kalyanasundaram at 9841079573 to help you find the best wedding caterer and make your wedding memorable…


wedding fruit salad decoration
wedding fruit salad decoration

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