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The Wedding Planner cost depends on the number of services / effort for each services / budget etc. There are various ways you may engage with a wedding planner like a full end to end package , Manage event for me, Manage few services , Planning only, Direct Deals etc. The wedding planner cost would vary based on case to case.

There are major areas that would take more effort / cost for the wedding planner. First and foremost be the planning. How you want your dream wedding to be?  Discuss in detail about every aspect i.e right from the venue, the themes, rituals, logistics etc.. Ideally the planner would like to spend more effort with the bride , groom, parents to sync with their options / suggestions.

Once the wedding planner understands your requirement better, he would then suggest the best venue which is the most influencing factor to make the dream moment at the best. As a thumb rule please take time to visit the venue[s] and understand the “+” and “-“. There will not be any place that would match your 100% expectation.

Further you need to understand the decoration part based on the theme. When you choose the decoration though you may think of creating some unique decor/themes, understand the eco system as well better. For example if it is a beach wedding the it is better to have marigold flower with some closed backdrop since that will help control the day sunlight better. The humid levels are high in chennai that should be kept in mind.

Like this have the focused discussion on every aspect with the wedding planner and freeze. A good wedding planner will always take you in the right direction with his expert suggestions.

As a guideline you may plan for about 5-10% of the overall wedding budget towards wedding planner cost.

For further details to know about wedding planner cost / suggestions / methods to arrive at wedding planner cost etc  feel free to call me at 9841079573 – Sriram

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